Days 56-59: The Galapagos Islands

Keke and I finally got to take a trip for the first time in a month and it was to the famous Galapagos Islands. I was very excited for this trip because I have been learning about Charles Darwin and evolution for years, so now I get to see and experience this amazing island. Day 1 Keke and I flew to the Galapagos Islands on Thursday, October 31st. We flew into the smallest airport I have ever seen and then took a bus and ferry to Santa Cruz Island. From there, we took a taxi to our hotel, but on the way we stopped at "Los Gemelos," which are two twin craters in the earth. The craters were huge and the climate was completely different. For example, when we first arrived to Santa Cruz, the climate was very hot and it was desert like. The ground was dry and there were cacti everywhere, but at the craters, it was very cool and chilly with a lot of vegetation. It was very cool to see the difference in climate within just a few miles of each other. The weather when arri